About us

Our Mission

The Sienna Plantation Softball Association is an ASA sanctioned girls fastpitch softball league in Fort Bend!  We are a non-profit 501(c)(3). Our goal is to provide a safe and exciting environment for girls to play softball in. Softball is a great way for girls to make new friends, build self-confidence, learn new skills & strengthen existing skills, and be a part of a team. In addition to regular season games and practices, girls will get to participate in skill clinics designed to improve batting, fielding, pitching, and strategy.

Both residents and non-residents of Sienna are welcome to play in our league. Our fields are located at Camp Sienna at 7725 Camp Sienna Trail. We are busy gearing up for what will be an exciting season and we hope your family will be a part of it!

And don't forget...

While our softball program is for for girls ages 5 and up, SPSA also offers a Blastball program for boys & girls ages 3 to 4.  Blastball introduces kids to the games of softball and baseball, and features simplified rules, enhanced safety precautions and fewer necessary playing skills. The players use a foam bat and a 10-inch foam ball, and do not need fielding gloves or batting helmets. The players hit from a foam-padded batting tee, which also serves as home base, and there is only one other base involved. The simplified rules make the game fun and keep kids of this age engaged.