The SFSA Board of Directors

Jocelyn Hightower


The League President is responsible for overseeing all long-term development and planning of the league.

Allen Hughes


The League VP oversees all special projects, and fills in when board members need help with their tasks.  Responsible for and in charge of all league records and documentation.

Ben Carpenter

League Information Officer

Responsible for and in charge of all league happenings, concerns and governing

Ben Campbell


The Commissioner leads Player and Coach Development and manages rules for SPSA.


Registration Coordinator

The League Registrar helps set up and manage registration, and answer questions about registration and the season from players and parents.

Milton and Treci Watkins


Scheduler puts together practice and games schedule and manages Schedule throughout year. Includes scheduling lights and umpires.

Candis Abbott


The Treasurer handles all league payments and financials.

Chuck Svoboda

Field Prep Coordinator

The Field Prep Coordinators ensure that the fields are well maintained, and also work to help teams learn the proper setup.

Damon Gunn and CJ Rodgers

Sponsorship Coordinator

The Sponsorship Coordinator is responsible for coordinating Sponsorship programs and arrangements.

Tony Robles

Equipment Coordinator

The Equipment Coordinator maintains, purchases and distributes field and team equipment at start of season and collects equipment at end of season.  Also andles uniform ordering and distribution.

Ryan Kieselhorst and Chuck Glasper

Concessions Coordinator

The Concessions Coordinator handles inventory, scheduling and managing of all things associated or using Camp Sienna concessions during Softball Season.

Jamar Campbell

Umpire Commissioner and Player Agent

Ensures appropriate communication, coordination, scheduling and payment of USA Softball Umpires.

Brandy Goodly

Special Events Coordinator

Special Events Coordinators are responsible for planning the opening & closing day events, ordering trophies, and work closely with the Team Parent Coordinator.

Damon Gunn and CJ Rodgers

Marketing Coordinator

The Marketing Coordinator helps with the creation and printing of banners, signs and any other sponsorship or league items.